Peer-Reviewed Publications

“State Coalitions, Informational Signals, & Success as Amicus Curiae at the United States Supreme Court.” State Politics & Policy Quarterly (Forthcoming)

Hansford, Thomas G., Sarah Depaoli, and Kayla S. Canelo. 2019. “Locating U.S. Solicitors General in the Supreme Court’s Policy Space.” Presidential Studies Quarterly. (Forthcoming)

Canelo, Kayla S., Thomas G. Hansford, and Stephen P. Nicholson. 2018. “The Paradoxical Effect of Speech-Suppressing Appeals to the First Amendment.Journal of Politics 80(1): 309-313.

Coe, Chelsea M., Kayla S. Canelo, Kau Vue, Matthew V. Hibbing, and Stephen P. Nicholson. 2017. “The Physiology of Framing Effects: Threat Sensitivity and the Persuasiveness of Political Arguments.” Journal of Politics 79(4): 1465-1468.

Other Selected Publications
Nicholson, Stephen P. and Canelo, Kayla S. 2016. “Direct Democracy in the United States.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Political Science. Ed. Sandy Maisel. New York: Oxford University Press.

Canelo, Kayla S. 2012. “Turlock Assembly Center, The.” In Densho Encyclopedia of the Japanese American Incarceration. Ed. Brian Niiya.

Working Papers and in Progress

State Advocacy and Representation at the U.S. Supreme Court.” Thomas Hansford, Sarah Depaoli, and Kayla S. Canelo.

“Women, Scandal, and the Double Standard”

“Matching Red & Blue: Partisan Intensity, Composition, and Potential Outcomes.” Alexander Theodoridis, Kayla S. Canelo, Chelsea M. Coe, Stephen Goggin, and John Henderson.